Creating a Tranquil Master Bedroom

I’m working on designing a bedding ensemble for a master bedroom.  The clients wish is contemporary with an Asian flair creating a spa-like mood.  I’ve selected beautiful fabrics in colors of Aqua and Mocha.  The Custom Coverlet is being created in a luxurious silk in aqua and mocha.  The coverlet is lined in solar satin chocolate with a ribbon cord trim on all four sides.  The coverlet is designed to be turned down displaying the mocha fabric and cord on the aqua/mocha colored coverlet. 

The Tailored Style Duster is Shalini Silk in mocha with thin aqua threads running through.  This fabric has iridescence to it.  It will be lined in ivory sateen.

There will be two sets of Shams.  The Euro shams are tailor-made with the Shalini Silk fabric, flanged with coral shaped bead fringe made from sea glass.  The other set of shams are made from a fabric called Aquadisiac.  It is a tone on tone with a velvet leaf motif on silk…just stunning.

Three Accent Pillows will adorn and complete the ensemble.  Two square pillows in a sheer overlay on brown silk are being fashioned.  The sheer is a light shade of aqua with brown raised leaves and tiny amethyst florets, with brush trim on all four sides.   The third pillow will be a “Surprise” pillow utilizing all of the left-over fabric in a bolster shape.  The surprise pillows are always a favorite!

The drapery is two operational panels on a decorative pole of brushed stainless steel with black leather finials.  The fabric is called Fuzzy Flowers – an Asian inspired print of coppery brown velvet raised flowers on aqua silk background.  The shades of browns compliment the painting on canvas above the bed called Secluded Tranquility by the artist Douglas.  The lined drapes will hang ceiling height and gracefully touch the floor. 

The side chair named the Bacall will be upholstered in a very unique cream-colored fabric with Pagoda’s in shades of aqua and mocha.  The wood legs are finished in espresso. 

The roman shade above the master tub is being tailor-made with aqua coral shapes on a chocolate brown background.  The top valance will dangle the sea glass coral bead trim. 

An area rug, lamps, floral décor, art and accessories will complete the master suite. 


To create your own master bedroom paradise you need to know the mood you’re trying to create.  I feel the master bedroom is such an important room as it is the first room you awake to and the last room you fall asleep to. For a spa-like mood I recommend selecting peaceful colors that promote relaxation that feel surreal.  I chose colors of aqua and mocha for this room.  I liked this combination because it is unique for one and the colors are soft and tranquil…different from the chocolate brown and light blue that is used so often.   In this room the walls are painted in soft creamy beige.  Wall color should also be soft to create a spa-like mood.  This color is also a great backdrop for the aqua/mocha color scheme.  Figure out what colors make you feel good and then surround yourself in them.  Color has a great impact on your mood so make sure the first color you see in the morning is one that makes you feel great. 


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Interior Designer, Cheryl Sandella works with her husband and partner of 30 years, Al Sandella who is a Custom Home Builder.  They own Sandella Custom Homes and Interiors and design and build homes in Arizona. She also publishes a monthly eZine called “Bespoke Home”.  If you want Tools, Tips and Guidance to design and build your custom home, be sure to get your complimentary subscription at

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