A Recipe for a Delectable Custom Home

A Recipe for a Delectable Custom Home:



4 Heaping Cups – Expert Custom Home Builder

3 Cups – Innovative Architect

2 Cups – Creative Interior Designer

I Pint – Understanding

4 Tsp – Time and Patience

3 Tsp – Encouragement

2 Heaping Measures – Trust

2 Well Rounded Scoops – Respect

2 Equal Amounts – Communication

1 Oz – Happiness

Dash of Humor



Fold in the top three main ingredients forming a strong and united team.  Add the pint of understanding and pack it firmly between your hopes and dreams.  Blend in the time and patience allowing it to rise while it’s sprinkled with encouragement.  Then marinate in trust, respect and communication.  Work the whole thing together until everything is mixed well.  Now bake in happiness and be sure to top it with a dash of humor.  Serve on a strong foundation and enjoy it with family and friends. 


© 2008 Sandella Custom Homes and Interiors LLC.  All rights reserved



About Cheryl: 

Cheryl Sandella, Interior Designer ASID Allied Member, works with her husband and partner of 30 years, Al Sandella, General Contractor.  They own Sandella Custom Homes and Interiors in Fountain Hills Arizona and design and build homes in the valley.  To read more about her go to www.sandella.net/aboutus/aboutus.html


WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE?  You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:  Cheryl Sandella, Interior Designer publishes a monthly eZine called “Bespoke Home”.  If you want the Tools, Tips and Guidance to design and build your custom home, be sure to get your complimentary subscription at http://sandella.net

Cheryl Sandella

Sandella Custom Homes & Interiors

PO Box 18132

Fountain Hills, AZ  85269

480.836.1543 – office

480.816.4233 – Cheryl’s personal line



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