Green, Global and Glamour by Cheryl Sandella

February 4, 2009

Green, Global and Glamour


While many of you have been hearing about the up and coming green design it’s in full force for 2009.  The prediction for Arizona is that 10% of all new home construction in 2010 will be constructed green and equating to a $20 billion market share.  Due to our “red” economy many may not be able to build a completely green home but consumers will still be seeking green products for sure.  Many are becoming environmentally conscious so you’ll be seeing more and more green products on the market for 2009 and beyond.  Green has had a strong focus on appliances, solar energy, lighting, heating and cooling.  But for 2009 green goes LUXE.  Be on the lookout for luxurious eco-linens that will feel and look like silk.  Bedding and other high-end accessories will be getting the GREEN treatment. 



For 2009 there will be a merging of multi-cultural designs.  We will still be inspired by the Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.  Adding to them will be a fresh focus on Russia, India, Morocco and Latin America culture. 



Fashionista Couture – where glamour and beauty from the fashion runways inspire your home.  You’ll see lots of embellishments on accessories.  Pillows will be dressed with belts, sequence, Swarovski crystals and flowers.  Window treatments will have dressmaker details and trims. Upholstered headboards will be glamour inspired using velvet fabrics with silver – leaf finish accented with metallic trim. 


Cheryl’s Top Ten Trends for 2009:

  1. The color Purple is back!   Soft is out and loud is in.  Colors that say “look at me” will be getting the attention.  Red and blue will still be important while herbal green joins the scene.  Due to Asian inspired design, gold and yellow will be shouting out.  White is also making a comeback especially in kitchen design.  And neon colors will be shinning through.  There is power in color and I feel every room should have a shout of it. 
  2. The “New Look” is Traditional with an Edge.  What I mean by edge is a fresh modern look, a fusion of the two.  Old World and Tuscan design are out and Traditional and Contemporary are in.  Modern, minimalism, green with a touch of glamour has got my attention this year.  This will be the year to mix it up – juxtaposition design done right can be very striking. 
  3. Home furnishings will be getting scaled down as will room sizes.  So the furniture must fit the scale of the room so you’ll be seeing a “back to basics” approach in furniture.  Distressed wood will still be popular in 2009 but the shades and stains will get a little lighter.  You’ll also see a fusion of shades being used such a chocolate brown and white. 
  4. Fabrics will be larger in scale, bold and bright with added glitz.  Metallics will still make a statement as they are fun to work with and always add a spark of interest to the piece.  
  5. Popular Patterns of paisleys, geometrics botanicals, mosaics and patchwork will be seen on fabrics and wallpaper.  Texture will also play a major role in décor.  Using the layered look creates visual interest.  I enjoy designing a painted wall with a layer of moldings – it creates architectural interest for the room.  Tile patterns in bathrooms are the rave especially brick glass tiles. 
  6. Lifestyle – a new trend of homeowner is emerging and will be living in their homes longer.  Making a long-term commitment to stay in their homes will be paramount when making decisions on home design and building.  The recent down turn in the housing market will play a part in how they design for the future.   These homes will be custom tailored to their lifestyles and they will be smart about what they want such as flexible floor plans, emphasis on green building and living, and multi–purpose rooms.   
  7. Remodeling and Expansions will be huge in 2009 and beyond.  Homeowners are now in a nesting mode and are willing to update their existing homes to conform to their current lifestyles and personalities. 
  8. Custom Home Building will continue to grow in Arizona and will continue to be one of the fastest growing states over the next two decades.  The emphasis for custom home building will be on “practical building”.  The new homes erected will be a tad smaller in size but without compromising quality.  With a strong focus on energy efficiency, individuality, practical floor plans, multi-purpose room, modern style, high technology and great curb appeal. 
  9. Watch for local, state and federal government programs that will offer homeowners incentives to build green.  There will be tax credits and rebates offered.  Many new websites will be available for information as well.
  10. Express Yourself!  Designing and building your home should be about your personal preferences not on what’s the hottest new trend.  It’s fun and exciting to hear and read about what is new and up and coming but if the trend doesn’t suit you and your lifestyle then it shouldn’t go into your home.  Design with “you” in mind.

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Gilles Nouailhac






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