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May 26, 2009
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Gabrielle SchoeneweisSad News.  On May 20 I received shocking news that one of my past clients, Gabrielle Schoeneweis, had passed.  She was only 38 years old.  She left behind a loving husband, Scott Schoeneweis, pitcher for the Diamondbacks and four beautiful children. Gabrielle had a strong sense of style and fashion. She loved the color pink.   I write this article in memory of her.  May she rest in peace. 






The History of Pink 

The color pink

The color pink is a combination of red and white and stands for beauty, grace and goodness. It is associated with love and romance.  It was recorded in the 17th century to describe the pale red color of flowers.  I like to call pink the sweet side of red.
In the 20th century believe it or not pink was actually a masculine hue and it was considered the pastel color of red.  It was the popular color for little boys.
It wasn’t until the 40’s that pink then became the color of choice for little girls. 
In 1949 Crayola Crayons introduced it’s first pink crayon called “Carnation Pink”.  They’ve been introducing new pink colored crayons ever since.
In the 1950’s the new pink color  trend was “shocking pink” or “hot pink”.  When Barbie was introduced in 1959 she wore mostly pink. 
The 60’s were a big pink time  – the band Pink Floyd was introduced and they went on to sell over 200 million albums world wide over the next 40 years.  In 1964 a movie came out called The Pink Phink, now known as the Pink Panther.  That movie won an Academy Award.  And in 1968, Mary Kay Ash purchased her first Pink Cadillac.
In the 80’s pink was a popular color for decor.  It was paired with gray, mauve and cream colors. 
In 1990 the Pink Ribbon was introduced for Breast Cancer Awareness.
In 2006 the Chicago Transit Authority picked the color pink for the name of the new branch of the L’Train.
To date the color pink is still a widely used color in fashion and decor.  In today’s culture pink is the most popular color for girls. Many feel that if a man where’s the color pink he has high confidence while other’s still look at it as a “feminine only” color. 







Decorating with PinkPink Room
 The color pink has the ability to excite and relax.  It can be used to create different looks such as romantic, shabby chic, glam, country, vintage and girly glitz.  It can be soft or vibrant, used as a solid color or available in many prints and patterns. Pink can be used as an accent color or used as the primary color for a room.  It can be paired with other colors such as chocolate brown, black, white, green, blue, gray, beige, or purple.  Pink is considered a warm hue on the color chart and comes in so many variations making it a widely used color in decorating and fashion.  Depending on the shade of pink and how it’s used you can create a soft and romantic room, or a room of sophistication.  Pink is also a color that can be used with so many different styles as it works great with traditional, contemporary or country decor.  Martha Stewart decorated her guest cottage in Maine primarily in pink with some accents of soft gray. 
To achieve the soft feminine look use the softer shades of pink.  The walls could be painted in a soft pink or blush tone.  The trim can be accented in a pearl white color.  The fabrics could be lace, floral, silk and satin.  Sheer silk window treatments with trim at the leading edge could gently grace the windows.  Pink roses are a must have for this room’s decor.
To create a glamorous look use brighter shades of pink and fabrics of velvet, silk and metallic.  Glass mixed with silverleaf wood furnishings will work well.  Large printed wallpaper, a sparkling chandelier and bold prints will compliment nicely. A layered window treatment of cascades, jabots and tassel tied side panels would complete the space. 
For the sophisticated look I like to see pink furnishings atop hardwood floors with warm wood tones for furnishings.  Striped fabrics tend to give a look of sophistication.  A custom roman shade with stationary side panels would add a nice touch for a window treatment. 
The color pink could just be added as a splash of color or you could do what Martha Stewart did and use it monochromatically in the entire house. 
I’ve decorated many nurseries, little girl rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, offices and tea rooms in pink.  I’ve always enjoyed decorating with the color pink – it offers so many choices that allow me to be very creative.  I’d love to do a “Pink” kitchen.  Any takers?
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