August 9, 2008

Custom Homes by Sandella

Al Sandella, General Contractor for Sandella Custom Homes brings over 30 years of “on the job” experience.  Al Sandella is a third generation builder with extensive background in residential, commercial and industrial construction.  He acts as the primary contact throughout the building process, and strongly encourages client involvement and suggestions.  At Sandella Custom Homes we want our clients to know they can trust us to perform the monumental task of building a custom masterpiece.  We strive to establish relationships with our clients that continue long after a home is complete. 

Sandella Custom Homes takes a hands-on approach to every project they execute.  Sandella has established a solid reputation within Arizona’s industry.  They have transformed the building of a home into an art form, which is why Sandella’s homes are often referred to as works of art. 

At Sandella Custom Homes we believe that to effectively design a home to harmonize with your lifestyle, we must first take the time to get to know you. Only when we understand your dreams and expectations can we create your personal space. 

We invite you to observe our work in person. Contact Sandella Custom Homes today and let the dream begin. 


Sandella Custom Homes

PO Box 18132

Fountain Hills, Arizona 85269



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Luxury Home in FireRock Country Club

Luxury Home in FireRock Country Club






August 5, 2008

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my Business Blog…

I have worked in the home building and interior design industry for over 25 years and I’m excited to share my information with you.  We are a company devoted to helping people design and build their dream home.  Many have welcomed me into their lives so I could create remarkable living spaces for them.  I  love what I do and I’m sharing because I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to give you information that will guide you in the construction/design process so you have a solid foundation to build on.  I have a great mentor to work with, my husband and business partner for over 30 years.  He is truly an expert in custom home building and I continue to learn from him regarding the components of construction.

Be sure to visit my blog frequently and please share it with your friends. 

Cheryl Sandella

Interior Designer, ASID Allied Member

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