Care-for Linens, Glassware, China and Flatware by Cheryl Sandella

November 21, 2008

CARE – for your Linens, China, Glassware and Flatware

Linen Care:

Did you know that if you iron your stained linens the iron will cook the stain into the fabric?  So be sure to remove all stains before ironing.

I always spritz my linens with water before ironing so the hot iron doesn’t harm the fabric.

To get my napkins crisp, I immerse them in a tub of water and liquid starch.  Then I wring them dry, roll and place in a plastic bag and refrigerate for 24 hours.  Then I iron them flat.  Always iron anything delicate on the reverse side.  Fold and store.  (don’t iron in any creases)

Lipstick stains: rub spot with lemon juice.  Soak in warm water and bleach (if safe for fabric) for five to ten minutes.

Hair spray is good at removing ink.  Place stain on a towel and spray the back of the stain with the hair spray.  The stain should transfer onto the towel.  Launder.

Coffee, tea or soda, soak in cool water.  Use a stain remover or chlorine bleach (if safe for fabric). 

Protein Stains (gravy, egg, blood, cream, milk or ice cream) should be soaked in cold water and enzymes for at least 30 minutes then launder. 

The best way to remove candle wax from the tablecloth is to harden the wax with an ice cube and carefully scrape off with a dull knife.

Red wine stains:  remove with salt then rinse with cold water or use club soda.  Launder

White wine stains: use club soda.  Launder. 

Tomato stains:  rinse with cold water then launder.   

Chocolate stains:  soak in warm water with detergent and bleach (if fabric permits), use a pre-wash stain remover.  Launder


Glassware Care

Water can be damaging to glassware.  If your glassware becomes cloudy or stained give them a bath in warm water with denture powder.  Rinse and dry well.  They will be sparkle!  

Always store glassware dry and in dry places

When I’m washing glassware I line my sink with a towel to avoid breakage

Did you know that you can file small chips on the rim of glasses with an emery board? 

Don’t put lead crystal in the dishwasher.  Hand wash using a mild detergent

Valuable glassware with gold or platinum decoration must be hand washed only!

If you must wash your glassware in the dishwasher then make sure you use a mild detergent, warm water, don’t subject glass to strong temperature changes, mainly too hot or too cold.  Stack glasses carefully so they don’t rub or touch each other. 


China and Porcelain Care

When storing dishes, don’t stack more than eight.  It is best to place a cloth between dishes, coffee filters or paper towels work well too. 

Don’t use scrubbing pads or abrasive powders.  Use mild detergents.

Hand washing is recommended for china because over time dishwashers can dull the surface.

Do not soak bone china it can weaken the china.

Porcelain can be washed in the dishwasher with a mild detergent on a regular or gentle cycle. 

Load the dishware carefully to avoid chipping.

Over sized pieces should be hand washed.

Always check the pattern’s specifications before washing in a dishwasher. 


Flatware – Stainless Steel (18/10) Care

Hand wash in hot water with mild detergent if you want your flatware to retain its brilliance. 

Don’t soak or use abrasives as this will damage the finish. 

Thoroughly dry before storing.   Don’t drip dry it will leave spots. 

Immediately remove food, especially acetic foods because they can cause corrosion.

Polish before using. 


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August 5, 2008

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