Proper Table Setting

May 10, 2012

Proper Table Setting


With the upcoming spring holidays, I thought I’d share about how to properly set a table.  Perhaps you need a reminder of where the cutlery should be placed around the tableware.  With our casual lifestyles it’s easy to forget how a proper set table should look.  Here’s a refresher showing how to set a table.  If your hosting a holiday dinner or you just want to throw a spring garden party this information will be helpful.






Dessert spoon can be placed above the plate (facing left) with the dessert fork – with the tines pointing right


Salad bowl or dish can be placed to the left with bread plate above fork


Glass above the knife – glasses to be used first go on the outside – glasses line up from the first one















 Remember…Left for eating, Right for Drinking. Start at the outside and work in. 


Napkin Placement:

It depends on your preference and there are many folding variations that can be created. There are napkin folding books that can teach you how. As a default, the napkin can be placed in the water glass, folded on the dinner plate, or beside the flatware on the left. You may not want to use all of the tableware pieces shown in the above diagrams, they are optional and it also depends on what you are serving.

I have a napkin folding book and I like to put my creation on top of the plate. 


There are so many decorative and fun napkin rings that can adorn a folded napkin if you’re not up to learning the napkin folds. 

Buffet Style:

If you’re going to be serving buffet style (I serve buffet style a lot) the plates are not put on the table. They are piled on the buffet serving table.  Put the napkin in the center (where the plate would otherwise go).  

 Easter Table Setting


Elegant and Colorful Table Setting 

table spring

Modern Table Setting

table modern

Simplistic Table Setting

Tea Party Table Setting 

Dinner for Two Table Setting

table romantic

Natural Table Setting


Outdoor / Casual Table Setting


Creating a beautiful table setting doesn’t have to be difficult nor do you need to have fancy expensive tableware or silverware.

Creativity is “key” to a pretty place setting.

Have fun!

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