Do You Have A Tool Tote For Meetings?

June 11, 2010


Tool Tote for Meetings

If you’re planning to build a new home or remodeling one then you’ll want to be prepared for all of your meetings with architects, designers, contractors and others by having a tool tote.

What you’ll need to create your own “Tool Tote”:Totes


A tote bag or brief case – you’ll need something large enough to carry the following…

Day planner or electronic calendar (in your cell phone) – you’ll have so many appointments to schedule and it’s important to stay organized during this process.

Samples of materials – get samples of all the materials you select and carry them with you, either in your tote or car.  You will be referring to them often as you select other materials or have to cross reference an order.  You’ll also need to bring them to the job site for design and match purposes. 

Tape Measure – there will be lots of things to measure so be sure to pack a tape measure.

Camera – digital or phone camera – either will work because you’ll want to have a record of materials viewed, building/remodeling process and before and after shots.  Photos create lasting memories as well. 

Pen and Pad – it’s imperative to take notes during meetings.  You can use digital devices such as note pad in your cell phone, laptop or iPad. 

Calculator – you may have to recalculate things, you may want to add as you go to stay on budget and there could be changes that occur that may need calculation in order for a decision to be made. 

Contractor Ruler – to measure dimensions on the plans.

Folder/Binder for documents – it’s a good idea to have copies of your permit, floor plans, lists, contracts, notes and any other pertinent information.

Drink and snacks – many appointments can last for hours and some all day.  Be sure to pack a drink and a few snacks in your tote. 

Miscellaneous – paper clips, elastics, small stapler, gum or mints.

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